18 June 2018

Australian Mathematics Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was held during Week 2 of Winter Term. This year we had 639 students from Years 6 to 12 complete the 75 minute paper which tested their mathematical problem solving skills. 2014 was another successful year for Scotch College and of the students receiving high commendations, there were 167 Proficiency winners, 194 Credit winners, 86 Distinction winners, 12 High Distinction winners and one Prize.

High Distinctions are awarded to students achieving in the top 2% of the state which is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to the following boys who were awarded High Distinctions:

James Jenour (Year 7)

Thomas Hodge (Year 7)

Alistair Watters (Year 7)

Jack Taylor (Year 7)

Prentice Shepherd (Year 9, Ross)

Kartik Khanna (Year 10, Shearer)

Yuelin Shen (Year 10, Brisbane)

Angus MacLeod (Year 11, Shearer)

Denver Quantrill (Year 11, Shearer)

Alexander Cain (Year 12, Shearer)

Vaughan Chin (Year 12, Ferguson)

Harrison Gardiner (Year 12, Keys)

A Prize is awarded to students achieving in the top 0.3% in the state. Congratulations to William Steinberg (Year 6) for achieving a Prize which will be presented to him at the AMC award ceremony later this year.

Congratulations to these boys and all that participated in the competition.

WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad

Over 450 of the State's best Year 7, 8 and 9 students gathered at UWA on Saturday, 1 November, to participate in the WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad. Nearly every school in the state was represented (Public, Catholic and Independent schools, from Bunbury to Geraldton) to compete for top academic honours.

Scotch sent 3 teams of four to participate:

Year 9 Scotch Team 1: Andrew Singh (Anderson), Raghav Khanna (Shearer), Kartik Khanna (Shearer), Yuelin Shen (Brisbane)

Year 9 Scotch Team 2: Luke Henderson (Ferguson), Toby O'Keeffe (Stuart), Timothy Utama (Ross), Lewis Weeda (Shearer)

Year 8 Scotch Team 3: Prentice Shepherd (Ross), Lewis Martin (Anderson), Alexander Comstock (Cameron), Harry Penrose (Stuart).

The competition consisted of a 100 minute individual round plus a 45 minute team round.

In front of a large crowd including the dignitaries Prof. Cheryl Praeger, The Honourable Dr Elizabeth Constable, Prof. Phill Schulz and many of the learned Mathematics community, Yuelin Shen (Year 9, Brisbane) was awarded 1st Prize, achieving the best individual score out of all students present.

Kartik Khanna (Year 9, Shearer) was also awarded an individual merit prize for his outstanding individual achievement.

Scotch Team 1 was the second best Year 9 team present, tying with Hale School Team 1.

Scotch Team 1 was placed 4th overall.

The official prizes Scotch received:

1st Prize: The School of Mathematics and Statistics UWA Award for Mathematical Excellence - Yuelin Shen

Equal 6th Prize: WA Mathematical Olympiads Committee Award - Individual Merit Prize - Kartik Khanna

Equal 4th Prize: Murdoch University Award for Excellence Team Award - Scotch College Team 1 Andrew Singh, Raghav Khanna, Kartik Khanna, Yuelin Shen

Congratulations to these boys and to all boys involved in the Mathematics Enrichment programme. The large number of extra hours all boys have put into the enrichment programme has helped push our top students to this level.

Mr Raymond Hill

Curriculum Leader - Mathematics