18 June 2018

What a wonderful world we live in!

After a whirlwind two week European holiday, I reflected on how Art is everywhere! It is in the architecture, galleries, shops, gardens, streets, floors, ceiling, statues, food, lighting and so on. Being a 'visual' person and a 'details' person, I often use photography to help me absorb all of the artwork I am exploring and encountering, whilst travelling to new and different places. It is like I am collecting seeds that later may turn into plants back at school, when opportunities arise in units of inquiry, that remind me of something different experienced during this holiday. It feeds my soul! Many of the boys and parents in our community would no doubt relate strongly with my reflection and may share the same thinking.

It reminds me of what a wonderful world we live in and how creative and resourceful people are. To see original artwork, that I may only have seen previously in photographs, books or through media; is always exciting and rewarding. On this trip a visit to Monet's Garden, a show at the Moulin Rouge, a venture up to Saint Paul de Vence (an old medieval village supporting a myriad of artists at work) to name a few; truly inspire me and in turn will manifest in the art programmes offered to the boys. In the first instance, I was taken with the subdued, magical light and the authenticity of Venice. The Year 2 boys will be exploring why people wear masks and decorating their own Venetian style masks, which could later be displayed in the Performance and Visual Arts Rooms.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts