18 June 2018

6GB and the Case of the Missing Bear

This semester in Language A, the boys in 6GB have been sharpening their detective skills in an attempt to solve the crime of the 'missing bear.' On the first day of term, before the students had returned to school, Mrs Bose's beloved Hawthorn football mascot bear, Glenn, was bear napped, leaving behind several pieces of evidence (including a photo of Glenn wearing Dockers gear) and one very distraught teacher. Since then, the boys have been interviewing suspects, ascertaining motives and alibis, and examining evidence and witness statements. Many perspectives concerning the perpetrator have been adopted by the boys, but investigations have been hampered by overzealous Dockers supporters pleased by the bear's disappearance. The boys are now stretching their journalistic muscles and writing newspaper articles reporting on the crime. The concept of bias and balance is high on the agenda, given the passionate nature of football fans. Investigations continue…

Photo left at the scene of the crime

Ms Robyn Bose and Ms Andrea Goodison

6GB Teachers