18 June 2018

Artist in Residence

Last week, with the generous support of the Parents Association, we invited well-known local artist Rowena Keall Walsh to Middle School to run an Artist in Residence programme for our Year 7 boys.

Rowena's brief was to teach boys about colour mixing, the layering of colours, working with mixed perspectives and producing a collaborative art piece by the end of the week. The end result is sensational and I look forward to you seeing the work when it is displayed at Speech Night on Thursday 4 December.

The highlight of the week though was watching the boys grasp the opportunity to work on their project at some depth and over an extended period, and observing not just the new knowledge that they were demonstrating but the quiet enjoyment they were getting by working together, being collaborative and creative. It was a reminder to me just how valuable Art is as a subject, as a practice and as a hobby, in developing problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and a sense of pride and worth.

Our sincere thanks to Rowena Walsh and the Parents Association for the opportunity to run an Artist in Residence programme in Middle School.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School