18 June 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Hello from the Library. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the Libraries of Scotch College have rolled-out the new Overdrive Digital Library System. For the Years 1 to 4 students, they will need to have their parents log them in under their username and password and they are only to read the juvenile readers. The Year 5 students can log in under their own username and password but will also only be able to access the juvenile readers and audio books.

Two words of advice I would like to pass on to you would be:

1. Have a go at downloading a book with your son this week so that you know how the programme runs and what choices are currently out there.

2. If using an ipad or computer, limit the time spend reading on these as they may have negative heath implications if used for long periods of time.

Ideally I would recommend using paper books for daily reading and digital books less frequently, or for short periods of time. Audio books are great to use in the car or whilst your son is reading his paper book; have the audio book reading along with him so that he can build on his vocabulary and read more challenging text.

To access the collection enter through the I Library tab on the HOME.SCOTCH Home Page, click on the Overdrive icon before following the prompts listed below:

  • The first time you download an eBook or audiobook to a device you will be prompted to either enter an existing Adobe ID or to create a new one.
  • If you do not already have an Adobe ID there will be a link that takes you to the Adobe website to create one.
  • Once the ID is successfully created you can return to Adobe Digital Editions or Overdrive and enter your Adobe ID (email address) and password to authorise the device.

Again any feedback on this new service would be greatly appreciated and can be sent by email to library@scotch.wa.edu.au

Mr Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian