18 June 2018

Boys' Achievements

Adam Brenz-Verca (Year 9, Stuart) was recently selected in state squad for sailing after finishing third behind the current national first and second in the 420 class state youth championships held during the holidays.

International Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Five new Year 11 boys, Alex Crump (Shearer), Martin Gallagher (Anderson),Thomas Gooch (Keys), Rory O'Sullivan (Ferguson) and Denver Quantrill (Shearer), presented their interactive topic (Liveability: the application of sustainability principles to town planning and house design) to audiences at the International Kids Teaching Kids conference in Mandurah on 30 October. The conference was opened by Mr Aaron Wood, Kids Teaching Kids co-founder, Melbourne Councillor and Australian Environmentalist of the Year in 2007. Following their session the boys received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attending students and staff, and one corporate sponsor (a large state property developer) who said: "Our guys need to see this"! Over the past term these boys gave up lunch times and many hours preparing their presentation which was an adaptation of the Year 10 cross curricula sustainable urban design unit.

Their presentation had a three-pronged focus. The background set the general scene on the importance of sustainability in the context of a growing population, dwindling resources and climate change. They then narrowed the focus on how town planning is being adapted to reflect that emerging reality. The emphasis then moved more specifically into the area of housing design and how practical strategies enable the implementation of sustainability principles. The boys used interactive activities such as quizzes, group work and memory recall games, in addition to short videos to engage their audience in a meaningful manner. It was an overwhelming success and they should be very proud of their efforts.

kids teaching kids

Mr Chris Menage

SOSE Teacher/Sustainability Coordinator