18 June 2018

African Safari here at Scotch

This term Year 2 students have been involved in a How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry, with a line of inquiry "How celebrations can strengthen our Identity." In Art classes, boys have researched " Why people make masks" and "Masks as part of celebrations in different cultures".

We decided to make African animal masks and played with some pattern making and close observation of animal patterns, to use when decorating our masks. They looked amazing! Thanks to all the parent helpers for bravely assisting during the construction and decoration phase of this project.

Today was a wonderful link to Visual Art, when the boys accompanied by their class teachers and Art teacher went on an African Safari through the school grounds and up to the Middle School. They snuck up to the windows, and marched to the beat of some drums to surprise the Year 7 boys hard at work in class, wearing their convincing African animal masks. The Year 7 boys and teachers were very obliging and played their part perfectly with screams of fright and amazement at these marching animals. We even went into the classrooms and had some photos taken.

Thanks to Richard Ledger and the teachers for allowing this invasion. It is a really important aspect of art learning, for the boys to be able to showcase their artwork in different forums with various audiences. They definitely had strength in their identity when wearing the masks and from this positive feedback, will have gained confidence in their identity as an artist.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts