18 June 2018

Sport at Scotch

Sport at Scotch College is divided into two distinctive areas: PSA (Years 7 to 12) and JPSSA (Years 1 to 6).

All relevant Sport information for both PSA and JPSSA can be found on the Scotch Homepage by clicking on https://webapps.scotch.wa.edu.au/rss/homesports.aspx

Click: Home.scotch.wa.edu.au

Click: Parents (top right of page)

Click: Sport (bottom middle of page)

Members of the Scotch Community with queries or concerns of a non-urgent nature are asked to email the following addresses:

JuniorSchoolSport@scotch.wa.edu.au (Years 1 to 6)

MiddleSchoolSport@scotch.wa.edu.au (Years 7 and 8)

SeniorSchoolSport@scotch.wa.edu.au (Years 9 to 12)

If you have a query or concern that requires you to phone the school, please contact the following:

Years 1 to 6: Scott Whiston

Years 7 and 8: Michael Brinsden (Summer and Spring Term), Lawrence Felgate (Autumn and Winter Terms)

Years 9 to 12: Richard Foster

Matters of a serious nature should be directed to Richard Foster for PSA Sport (Years 7 to 12) and to Scott Whiston for JPSSA (Years 1 to 6).

A weekly fixtures/bus schedule will be uploaded to the Homepage by Wednesday lunchtime each week where there is a PSA fixture on the Friday and Saturday of that week.

All information relevant to the start of Summer Term 2015 can be located on the Scotch Homepage as outlined above.

Please note that all buses for sport will now depart from the Middle School bus bay on the north side of Shenton Road. Boys from the Senior School will need to access the buses by using the underpass.

Richard Foster

Head of Sport