18 June 2018

An intriguing time in Perth for the Arts.

Over the weekend, thousands of people gathered to follow the story of the 'Little Girl and the Diver'. These giant marionette puppets and project, is the creation of Royal De Luxe company director, Jean- Luc Courcoult.

Jean-Luc was looking for inspiration to tour his giants in Perth, when he came across a local story written by Albany author Dianne Wolfer, " The Lighthouse Girl." In 2005, Wolfer had read a line in a newspaper article about Perth man Don Watson, who was looking through old postcards that his mother had been sent from the frontline after signalling soldiers from the lighthouse on the remote Breaksea Island. The little girl in the lighthouse watched soldiers leaving Australia on ships, carrying hope into lost battles. Magically Jean-Luc has woven the 100 year commemoration of the ANZACS into this enchanting tale.

Meanwhile, in the south-west corner of Western Australia, a mystery evolved from an Aboriginal community, about a boat that came out of the sand. The journey weaves together all these rich experiences of the past, present and into the future.

Royal De Luxe are world leaders in large-scale street theatre and storytelling. They are a company of talented actors, engineers, inventors, technicians, metal workers and poets.

This term Year 5 students are engaged in a How We Organise Ourselves Unit of Inquiry and are being spoilt by amazing local, national and international arts experiences. It also provides outstanding examples of teamwork including " The Incredible and Phenomenal Journey of the Giants", " 2015 Sculptures by the Sea" and " The Clay House" in North Fremantle. Here the boys will be designing and creating their own 4D sculpture of a lighthouse. There are very powerful and rich links being made here in the Arts and we are very fortunate to have these events in our community.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts