18 June 2018

Colours and Ties

One of the great features of Scotch College is the opportunity for boys to be involved in a number of broad areas of engagement that complement the curriculum. These areas are: Leadership, Community & Service, Academic Achievement, Arts & Culture and Sport. Water finds its own course, so to do boys as they get involved in and develop areas of passion and skill. Impressive achievement in one or more of these broad areas can result in a student being nominated for Colours, recognised by the presentation of a Colours tie. Whilst proudly worn by the boys at Assemblies, Colours really is the recognition of sustained effort, commitment, discipline and growth. Many boys will say it doesn't matter which Colours tie they get, as long as they get one. What is important to us as teachers and parents is that the objective of Colours remains the attitude and the skills and not the ornament itself.

This year with Middle School growing to its full cohort size in Year 7, it allows us for the first time to commence in an equitable fashion, the collecting and recording of student endeavour and data that will contribute towards earning Colours.

Representing the College at Inter-School events such as Swimming, Athletics, or Debating contributes toward Colours. Earning 30 points or more across 5 MYP subjects is recognised by an Academic Excellence certificate, Academic Excellence certificates in turn contribute toward Academic Colours. Playing 1st Sport for a set amount of games, accruing 400 points in Community Service hours contributes to Sport and Community Service Colours respectively. Colours are not easily earned and it is not until Years 11 and 12 that many boys will receive their Colours. However it is important to know that effort in Year 7 and Year 8, that discipline and persistence in Middle School, can lay the foundation for a boy to earn and march proudly at Assembly with his Colours tie on in Senior School.