18 June 2018

Cyber Smart

Cybersmart is a national cyber safety and cyber security education program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of its target audiences of children, young people, parents, teachers and library staff.

The Cybersafety website is designed to support and encourage participation in the digital world by providing information and education which empowers children to be safe online.

The website provides information, games and activities for 'Young Kids' (0- 7), 'Kids' (8 - 12) and 'Teens' (13 - 18) to explore how to be safe online, and has excellent information for parents.

All Junior School boys will be working with the site, with our Year 5 boys starting by taking the "How cybersmart are you?" quiz as part of their immersion for their "Who We Are" unit of inquiry.

Interested parents can visit the site with their son. Click here: http://www.cybersmart.gov.au

Ms Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach