18 June 2018

News 3T

Year 3 boys have bounced into the school year with enthusiasm for new friends and new learning. Friendships have been quickly re-established and strong routines adopted. Vibrant personalities with strong leadership potential fill our classroom and the dynamic is exciting and rigorous!

Reading Club has been a roaring success; boasting big numbers in attendance. Parents and boys have adopted the challenge of arriving at school early and dedicate time each day to reading aloud. The skills of fluency and expression are being developed with some clever little story-tellers emerging in our midst.

Our first Unit of Inquiry, Where We Are In Place and Time, allowed us to get to know each other and explore the influence of our family histories. We have integrated iPad skills using 'Explain Everything' as we combined technology and public speaking to showcase our Family Heirlooms.

Additionally, a goose-bump inducing visit to the Scotch Archives saw us connect with past experiences of Scotch students long gone. We saw old uniforms and sporting paraphernalia, we heard of student involvement in the war and discovered amazing contributions passed on to Scotch College that continue to inspire current students. Our 'wow moment' was in realising that our own actions may one day influence students of the future.

Of note, we have been luxuriating in our love of language with a number of literary initiatives. We have been building a wall of Wizz-bang Words, which is a study of interesting vocabulary and words we should say more often. These are celebrated through our oral discussions and our writing. Furthermore, we are reading a wonderful class novel whose main character is The Keeper of the Words and promotes this revelling in literary finery!

Oh, how I could go on sharing the wonders of our year's beginning, however, most important is that each and every boy in 3T is to be congratulated for the effort and energy they have brought to our classroom and our school. I look forward to celebrating and harnessing this enthusiasm as we go forth!

Ms Rebecca Turkich

Year 3T Teacher