18 June 2018

If ever we wanted confirmation that this term is rapidly disappearing then the recent mid term break should act as a salient reminder. It is also swimming season and our boys have been up and about in both the Junior PSA that was held last week and the PSA carnival that will take place on Thursday night. Congratulations to every boy and staff involved in the JPSSA where our boys came a very credible third against some very strong opposition.

As the year continues to gain momentum it is a reminder for all of us of just how busy and committed our boys are to their chosen sporting or co-curricular activity. This busy period also serves as a reminder for the boys that it is important to develop reliable and consistent study habits no matter whether this includes 10 minutes of reading in Year 1 or significantly more study in upper school.

Thursday 8 March was International Women's Day and I would like to thank and acknowledge the seminal role played by our female staff at Scotch. Historically boys' schools have provided somewhat of an unrealistic vignette into the real world in terms of gender balance. The need to experience significant female role models in a single gender boy's school is something we should always keep in sharp focus. I am pleased to say that one of the great things about Scotch College is that as a modern and thriving college our boys are fortunate to have outstanding female role models including both teachers and non-teachers.

Furthermore, the role of mums in the education of their boys must never be underestimated. I say this as a son; father and husband who understands just how important females have been in the growth and development of my own children and me.

Our role as educators, in partnership with families and the wider community, is to ensure that our boys experience meaningful and realistic social and professional interactions that will prepare them for transitioning into the wider community and workforce.

I would like to close by sharing two quotes that I feel sum up the contribution of women both at Scotch and beyond.

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved. --B. R. Ambedkar

You can tell the strength of a nation by the women behind its men."--Benjamin Disraeli

Thank you to the women who have and will continue to shape us all.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr Alec O'Connell