7 May 2018

Art News

It started with Fabulous Fleur and a slab.

After working for hours, the results were just fab!

Giving ourselves new names for the day - meet Pablo, I mean meet Trevor!

Awesome James showed patterns and cutting from templates and this was really quite clever

Joe Joe Jacky shows slip and scoring techniques, whilst adding the textures with tools

Alex uses Nutino... just tricking, Clay and water makes slip, that's the rules!

We started to stack up the sections, creating a tall lighthouse

We learnt about types of sculptures, down at Cott Beach which was grouse!

Two different ceramicists, Fleur and Danika inspired

And taught us so much, like how sculptures are fired.

A few stripes, windows, a pipe or a tower

And 6 hours later …we were feeling empowered!

Unbelievable effort and we are only half way there. Next is the bisque firing and then back to Scotch College where we will do all the assembling, adding flotsam and jetsam we are collecting over the holidays.

Finally we will present our 4D lighthouse sculptures, complete with a lighting circuit.

The key to our success has been boys being engaged, independent, curious, respectful and willing to explore and take risks.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Scotch Parents Association for their support of this project.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts