18 June 2018

Dodgy Ideas Make Big Bucks in 7K!

At the beginning of the term the 7K class were given the task of considering ideas to raise money for The World's Greatest Shave. With great enthusiasm, Max Shervington raised his hand to suggest the idea of a dodge ball tournament. A class vote was held and there was overwhelming support for his idea. A class committee was formed and plans put in place to advertise and attract as many boys as possible.

A stand was set up where boys could register teams of three for a gold coin donation and these were combined to make teams of 6. Once all teams were formed, a round robin competition was organised by the committee. A tournament spanning two weeks of lunch times and recess was publicised on the sports board. The dedicated committee gave up their lunch time and recess to oversee the smooth running of the tournament.

The games were enormously successful with boys participating as well as spectating. The final was held last Friday at recess and attracted quite a crowd.

Who would have thought that a game of dodge ball could raise $213.50?

A huge success!

Be Brave and Shave!

Mrs Karen Woods

Teacher 7K