18 June 2018

Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave

Each term Middle School decides on a significant charity or service organisation to support, to raise our awareness and responsibility to the community. This is a consistent theme right across the three Baccalaureate programmes. We run a Community Service Club every week in Middle School and this group, with different membership every term, maintains the public profile of community service and encourages effort on this front. You will have noted the number of fundraising activities going on in school at the moment: soccer competitions, Noodle Cups, basketball competitions and so on. One area we are continually trying to encourage is that community service doesn't need to be an at school activity. We are encouraging boys to take on something in their own home or neighbourhood: i.e. lawn mowing, playing an instrument at church, helping a neighbour put out green waste for verge collection or chores at home. With this approach it is not just the Leukaemia Foundation that receives our assistance, but a multitude of others. The big winner though is the growing attitude or understanding that service is a part of our daily lives and not something undertaken at school between 8.30am - 3.30pm. Boys who enjoy this aspect of life may also enjoy completing the Duke of Edinburg Award once they reach Senior School.