18 June 2018

The Very UnMerry Adventures of Robin Hood

In this adaption of the classic Robin Hood tale, the protagonist is a charming young fellow, who has no interest in helping the poor, and is only concerned with his friends and his amazing tree fort. The students and I focused on presenting the importance of friendship and loyalty, while still enjoying the comical nature of the script.

Performed in Summer Term, the Years 6 & 7 production was a great success with three sold out performances! Audience members all left smiling and many commented on the hilarious jokes and outstanding efforts by all students involved.

I am grateful to the entire cast, who worked incredibly hard to bring Robin Hood's escapades to life. Each cast member displayed dedication and professionalism throughout the 8-week process. I was delighted with the boys' efforts and they should all be extremely proud of themselves.

Ms Emma Payne

Drama Teacher