18 June 2018

Fun in Food Design

All the boys certainly agree that it has been a fast and exciting start to the year. Year 6, 7 & 8 boys alike have all been working feverishly over their units of inquiry and have had wonderful and engaging experiences in the Food Design room. There were plenty of activities to get involved in over Summer Term and the boys well and truly earned their Easter holidays!

The Year 6 boys are completing their competencies in their "Licence to Cook" booklet while learning the fundamental skills of cookery including claw grip, bridge hold and all in one method just to name a few. The Year 7 boys are working relentlessly on designing a healthy lunch for a student while creating tasty treats of meatball subs, sushi and BLTs. The Year 8 boys have completed their first unit of work "Food and Celebration" and have taken full advantage of using and maintaining the new culinary garden.

The boys and I have had a wonderful time creating and learning a great deal about Food Design. There will be more fun to be had in the term ahead!

Mrs Katie Frampton

Food Design Teacher