18 June 2018

Performing Arts News

The boys in Year 3 have been having lots of fun playing around with different rhythms, sounds, instruments and movements. One of their favourite activities from recent lessons has been performing the Oonka Chukka Chant, followed by the Oonka Chukka Haka. In groups of three, the boys had to perform individual rhythm patterns on melodic and un-tuned percussion instruments whilst singing at the same time, as well as remembering the arrangement of the piece. As you can probably imagine it was quite a challenge but through using their excellent time management and group work skills the results were outstanding. We've also been experimenting with rhythms performed as part of a round and have created Barnyard Chants. If your son has been mooing, quacking or buk-bukking at home you will know why!

Ms Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher