7 May 2018

Information Learning Technology


Our Year 1 to 3 boys are making some amazing progress using the Skoolbo programme on their iPads. Although Skoolbo "may look and feel like a game to the boys, every component has the underlying rationale of maximizing student improvements."

The Skoolbo app pre-tests the boy in both literacy and numeracy and continues to reassess after each game. There is a blend of new content, not yet mastered content and revision content provided to each child. This inbuilt differentiation is a significant factor in including Skoolbo in the suite of apps on the boys' iPads.

Tips for Maximum Benefit

  • Recommended usage for Skoolbo is a few times per week for around 20 mins each time. The boys will want to play longer so remember to utilise the timer on the iPads!
  • Don't let other children (or adults) play on your child's account. Skoolbo uses a smart algorithm that determines the most appropriate learning activities specifically for your child based on his or her recent performance. Other users could affect the level of activity presented to your child.
  • Refer to the Parent Guide available at the Downloads tab on the web site for additional tips and instructions. www.skoolbo.com.au/downloads

Parents with any questions or queries about Skoolbo or any other apps used on the school iPads should feel free to contact me.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach