18 June 2018

News 1G

The Year 1's had a very exciting start to the year and have embarked on many adventures. They have wasted no time with settling beautifully into their new school and making caring thoughtful relationships with each other.

We were very brave and had only been at school for one week when we embarked on our first adventure to The Freshwater Bay Museum. This was a wonderful immersion and gave us great insight into the past and taught us a lot about what life was like for our Grandparents. We definitely left with a greater appreciation for the hard work that went into daily chores like washing and cooking.

The following week saw us on yet another bus ride to the Perth Writers Festival at The University of WA. We were involved in two very thought provoking sessions where we created exciting main characters along with an exciting story. This excursion set the scene for the wonderful descriptive narratives the boys have been writing in class.

We are very much looking forward to term two where we will be working with our PLC buddies and creating our own characters. Amazingly, we will be printing our character out in 3D using a 3D printer. The possibilities of our stories that will follow will be endless…….

Mrs Kristen Gray

Year 1 Teacher