18 June 2018

Sailing Parent Support Group

Congratulations to all the Scotch Sailing Teams for their exceptional performance, which earned Scotch both first and second places at the recent WA States Schools Teams Racing Championships held during the Easter holidays, and for their exemplary conduct displayed throughout the event. Both spectators and volunteers at the Regatta were heard to comment on the good manners and the sportsmanship the Scotch boys displayed at the event and we can all be very proud of them. Thank you also to the coaches, Doug Campbell and Will Boulden, and to Mr. Brad Watson and Mr. Jordan Owenell whose unfailing efforts and hard work certainly paid off!

However, a huge thank you must also go to the Sailing parents who turned out en-masse in cold and very wet weather to encourage, support and (not to mention) feed our sailors. In some part I am sure the success of the teams must go to all of you for keeping boys energy levels and spirits high.

We look forward to a successful trip to Queensland in July for both the Scotch Maroon and Scotch Blue Teams where they will compete against the top teams from all States and Territories at a National level.

Well done!

Chantal Seagreen


Sailing Parent Support Group