18 June 2018

4R News

Last week the boys in 4R inquired into the minds of their mums in an effort to come up with an exciting Mother's Day assembly item. As a class the boys decided they wanted to apply some fun to the event by coming up with an 'essential agreement' for the ultimate Mother's Day - just like the one every PYP class creates at the start of the year to set the tone for learning and collaboration in their classroom. These agreements let everyone know what the shared norms and expectations are to ensure learning is engaging and fun, and this became our goal for Mother's Day. It was important for us to be risk-takers and reflective by considering the good and bad ideas from previous Mothers Day's along with thinking like our mums. So the brainstorming began with us asking what our mums love, what makes them happy and even what makes them cranky! The boys then categorized their responses and negotiated to pull together an ultimate 'essential agreement' for Mother's Day, which was performed on Friday at the Junior School assembly. The assembly was a big success with the boys throwing themselves into their roles and 'channelling' their mums!

Ms Liza Richardson

Year 4 Teacher