7 May 2018

French Exchange Opportunities

Information for parents and students interested in going on exchange to a Francophone country in the senior years. The primary exchange resource comes through the W.A. La Reunion Exchange Programme, which has had many years of success inspiring our students. Applications are available online at www.walrse.org and close for 2016 on 7 August 2015.

Secondly, our new partnership with the Alliance Française has opened a new opportunity in this regard:

The AFX Student Exchange is a family run, not-for-profit organisation which specialises in cultural and student exchange programs between France and Australia for high school students. To apply or find out more go to www.afxstudentexchange.com/australia, or call AFX on 03 0804 8100.

Thirdly, we have links with the NACEL organisation and with Mme Martine Floyd, who both offer our families the chance to host students (in Year 11 and 12) from France (primarily to learn English of course) in June - August. NACEL have also been very successful in arranging hosting in France for some of our students (usually in December/January). Please contact Mr Rugg, Head of Languages, if you would like to host, or NACEL directly on 1300 735732.

Finally, Scotch takes an April tour to France biennially, with one week spent with a host family, and then exploring Paris and the Alps. Please contact Mr Rugg if you would like to be included in the mailing list when the tour is next offered.

Mr Jonathan Rugg

Head of Languages