7 May 2018

Targeted Tuition Programme

Exam Tips and Tricks Seminar

In the afternoon of Wednesday 22 April, more than fifty Year 12 WACE and IB students attended a two hour examination revision seminar delivered by a group of high-achieving OSCs including Joseph Steinberg, Christian Stolz, Aidan Archer, Rob Pluske, Riley Aitken and Ralph Thompson with input from Randolph Thompson and guided by Mrs Samantha Scott.

Through a mixture of their anecdotal experiences and correspondence with members of the Scotch College staff, the OSC presenters were able to identify mistakes commonly made by students and propose measures to resolve them. The presenters outlined a number of basic study practices, examination survival tips and methods of coping with stress, before breaking the boys into course specific groups to deliver targeted content. The boys benefitted from small group discussions with presenters who, until recently, were high school students themselves: this led to an informative, yet relaxingly upfront and honest session.

The sessions offered the boys a fresh perspective on their studies and served as a reminder that they are not alone in their academic efforts. In this sense, the sessions also served to foster the close-knit nature of the College's community: academic assistance is available to students both inside and outside the classroom and empathetic voices are always barely a phone call away.

Mrs Samantha Scott

Targeted Tuition Coordinator