18 June 2018

The Raven

The Summer edition is out - just follow the raven icon on Home.Scotch and enjoy some great creative writing. Congratulations to the following boys who have contributed: Oliver Heath (Year 12, Cameron), Conor Patton (Year 9, Ross), Mark Barwood (Year 12, St Andrews), Henry Edwards (Year 12, Ross), Luke Beeson (Year 9, Stuart), Daniel Abimibola (Year 12, Ferguson), Lewis Orr (Year 8, Robert), Hamish de la Hunty (Year 12, Shearer), Tom Lavery (Year 12, St Andrews), Connor Henderson (Year 12, Ferguson), Vaughan Chin (Year 12, Ferguson) and Allwin Parker (Year 9, Cameron).

Students can send entries to Dr Weeda on jjweeda@scotch.wa.edu.au or to their English teacher.

Dr Jeannette Weeda English Teacher