18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Jack Jagger

For his polite, mature and positive approach towards others and all tasks in Humanities and English. Jack works hard and strives to complete his best work at all times. He is to be commended for the mature way in which he manages himself and his studies.


Zac Mainwaring

For being considerate and helpful towards his peers. For having personal integrity and having the courage to stand up for what he believes is right.


Liam Howgate

Liam has made a positive start to his time at Scotch College. He approaches all subject areas with a strong work ethic and always wants to give his best effort to all tasks. He has shown leadership qualities when he works with others, and is tolerant and fair with everyone he works with in collaborative groups. His energy and diligence in class makes Liam a joy to have in the classroom.


Bailey Monaghan

Bailey Monaghan has demonstrated the qualities of being a critical and creative thinker in iLearn. Bailey designed his ideal community and named it "Green City". The city had many of the key infrastructure typical of cities but with an eco-friendly flavour. Bailey also developed policies to support Green City. Bailey's policies are creative, ethical and distinctly environmentally sustainable. Bailey did more than was asked and unleashed his big picture, eco-friendly, creative and critical thinking skills. Well done Bailey.


Reuben Westerman

Reuben has displayed a keen interest in every part of life at Scotch College. He has involved himself with enthusiasm in class, reflecting on his work and improving each time. He has sought extra work when he feels he is not achieving his best. Reuben works positively in collaborative learning situations, caring for the boys with whom he works. He contributes his ideas in class giving answers and asking questions that show his thoughtful open-minded approach. Reuben is a young man of honesty and integrity who seeks to develop as many aspects of his learning that he can, both in and out of the classroom. He is an asset to Scotch College and he should be very proud of his accomplishments.


Sam Wake

For academic excellence in iLearn and English. Sam's results directly reflect the effort he puts in to his work at all times.


Max Bailey

Max is a very polite and humble student. He greets teachers with respect in the morning and works diligently in all lessons. Max is a keen sportsman and he loves to talk about sport. His favourite soccer team is Norwich and most pleasing to the Headmaster, his favourite AFL team is the Fremantle Dockers. Max is an asset to our school community.


Joshua Ledger

Josh continually strives for excellence. His enthusiasm is infectious and he makes our class a much happier place by his presence. Josh participates eagerly in all lessons and approaches all elements of school life with vigour. He is a dynamic student, but most importantly a caring young man, demonstrating remarkable integrity.


Will Hudson

For demonstrating an inquisitive and reflective approach towards his learning in iLearn. Will is a knowledgeable young man and displays curiosity and enthusiasm in all lessons.


Sebastian Reynolds

For the positive attitude he displays towards his learning and for demonstrating each of the IB Learner Profile Attributes in his daily school life. In particular, Seb has an inquiring mind and his contributions in class are much valued.