18 June 2018

Parenting Ideas

To further support the Scotch community, the College continues to subscribe to Parentingideas, a leading provider of parenting education resources to Australian schools. Scotch parents can access parenting advice on a wide range of topics and themes such as;

Life skills for children

Kids, school and learning

Social challenges and

Children and behaviour.

Follow the link to access the Parenting Ideas Magazine.


Getting Help

Knowing where, when and how to get help regarding mental health and wellbeing is vital for everyone, particularly for boys. People come in all different shapes and sizes and so too does mental health help. For young people figuring out when they might need help and where to get help from, http://au.reachout.com/ can assist. They are confidential and available 24/7. Whether a boy thinks the thoughts are silly, more serious or an emergency, there are services in the community where trained professionals can help.

Ms Shauna Lipscombe

Senior School Psychologist