18 June 2018

iPad Programme - A Window into the Classroom

Often we are told that parents, at the end of the school day, ask their sons how their day went only to be told "fine", "good", or when asked what they did today, be told "not much."

Luckily our boys take home their iPad each night, which gives parents a window into their son's classroom. With apps such as Edmodo and Showbie, parents can see the inquiries, activities and assessments their sons' have been working on during the week.

Both Edmodo and Showbie provide a secure online learning platform where teachers and students can collaborate, share content and use educational apps to supplement in-class learning. This private learning environment, managed by the teacher, allows students to interact with only other students and teachers added to the class at the teachers' discretion. Edmodo and Showbie provide a safe and easy way to support learning within and beyond the classroom, and helps students develop important skills in a digital environment.

Parents can see the various Edmodo classes their son has joined and see the type of inquiries and work they are doing in class. They can access files, images, links and resources provided by the teacher.

Showbie allows for boys' to upload their work for the teacher to review. The teacher can leave voice notes, comments and written feedback on the boys work. The boys' review the feedback and in some case re-upload with the teachers' suggested changes. Madame Edwards has been using Showbie to collect French assessments across all Year 1 to 4 classes.

Ask your son to share what they are working on in class by getting him to show you Edmodo and Showbie and get a glimpse into his day.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach