18 June 2018

3S News

From the beginning of the year, the boys in 3S have been learning about narratives and what makes an interesting story. We have learnt to describe characters and settings as well as how to use adjectives to enhance our writing. Our class has also been working closely with Mr Stewart to better understand the dynamics of friendships. During these times we have learnt how to be a good friend, what you can do for someone if they are feeling sad or left out, what you can say to a person who is not being nice to others and how to be a bystander during various situations. Following this, we explored stories about friendship - The Recess Queen and Enemy Pie. Furthermore, 3S recently commenced a unit of inquiry regarding food products and the journey they take from creation to consumption. Integrating these ideas together, the class came up with the idea of creating our very own story about friendship for our assembly item. In a meaningful performance, the boys in 3S presented their story with accompanying actions to the remainder of the Junior School. We hope that our performance has inspired our peers to think about how their actions affect others, as well as what it means to be a good friend.

Mrs Laree Springall

Year 3 Teacher