18 June 2018

7T Guided Literacy

7T does Guided Literacy most mornings between 9.35am - 10.00am. The rationale was to increase the 7T boys' literacy levels in a fun and engaging way. Each week 7T has a particular stimulus. Some of the stimuli this year have been Nordic Gods, Indigenous Dream Time Stories, the Olympic Games, Layne Beachley and the Red Bull World Record Free Fall.

The 7T students are required to answer three questions linked to the week's stimulus. The three questions are a Literal, an Inferential, and an Evaluative. The Guided Literacy approach to answering questions follows the RAPS formula. RAPS is an acronym which stands for:

R - Restate the question

A - Answer the question

P - Prove your answer with evidence or a quote

S - Sum up your thoughts and conclude your response.

Also within the Guided Literacy programme is the Pastoral Care Programme. This is a series of lessons focused on the boys engaging with their emotions and learning how to manage them in a positive way.

The Guided Literacy programme has been a wonderful initiative in the Scotch College Middle School that is filled with great questions and answers from the inquiring minds in 7T.

Mr Peter Tresise

7T Teacher