18 June 2018

8F Expedition to Moray

The team of 8F and 8K took off on a expedition to Moray this term. Many of the boys knew of what Moray would entail and there was much to learn about their individual characteristics whilst being away from their creature comforts. Pleasingly the boys worked cooperatively and the new boys in 8F had this to say of their experience:

"The Moray rope climbing was a good experience that involved more teamwork than I had first thought. When we arrived at the course I was quite nervous but as soon as we got underway it was great. Both climbing the ropes and the rock wall were hard but worth it when you got to the top. To top it off we got to abseil down the tower, which was my favourite part". Aidan Veitch

"On our second day of Moray after our hike we embarked on a canoeing journey down the Murray River. To start with we did some basic skills, then we played some games. We played a seesaw game where each partner stands on the very end of the canoe and 'seesaws to try and tip the other one off. Then we were off on our journey, we went over 3 rapids. And the scenery and tranquility was amazing." Liam McCreery

"On the trek many pranks where pulled, rocks were put in packs and packs were tied together. At first we did not realise but not only did we have to watch our backs from the other students, we learnt that Mr Felgate was all but too happy to play practical jokes. After what seemed like days we finally finished our trek. Everyone was exhausted and couldn't wait to go to sleep." Luke Smith

"Camp outs were very cold. I was freezing. This was all to the fact that I had a 7 degrees sleeping bag and not a 0 degree bag. I would highly recommend using the correct bag as it gets very cold down there. The food was good if you cooked it correctly, but you really need an extra mat because the ground is hard." Nathan Cuthbertson

"The food at Moray was a very good indicator at how the whole camp was run; well- organised, exceptional and required a bit of effort. We had a diet of burritos, wood fired pizza and steaks and a wood fired barbeque. Every student assisted and cooked his own portion or provided a communal effort to everyone else's. Every student felt productive and part of the team. Every meal was tasty and I'm sure everyone agrees." Sam Woodward

Moray provides a great environment for teachers and boys alike to learn about each other whilst learning important life skills.

Mr Lawrence Felgate

8F Teacher