18 June 2018

The Fathering Project

Justin Langer (AM) recently faced a big decision in his career. The Perth Scorchers' Coach and former Australian Test Opener revealed his recent career choice to a receptive audience at a fundraiser for The Fathering Project on 4 June.

The decision, Langer reflected, was between his head and his heart. Having received an offer from the English Cricket Board to be considered for the role of the Head Coach of the English Cricket Team, Langer needed to consider a move that would see him away from his family for up to eleven months of the year. His decision was to withdraw from the process, in large, due to the fact that he has four daughters and his commitment to them as a father was paramount.

The Fathering Project is a University of Western Australia based non-profit organisation established to simply help men become better dads. Established by Dr Bruce Robinson, the Fathering Project aims to support fathers and father figures with busy lives to make time to be present for their children.

As a father of a two-year-old this resonated with me, additionally, as I have interactions with students from Year 1 to 12 often the conversations turn to influences from home. Whilst certainly not under valuing the mothers of Scotch College, I encourage the dads to take five minutes of their day to consider the information available on http://thefatheringproject.org/ if for no reason other than a pat on the back to say well done on the job you are doing as a dad.

Mr P Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning