18 June 2018

The Presidents All Codes Winter Cup

Old Scotch Collegians vs Christ Church Old Boys'

Sunday 9 August 2015


Age old rivalries have always been settled on the field and in a modern day setting things are no different. Scotch and Christ Church over more than 100 years have always contested strongly on the sporting field.

Please join your fellow OSCs as we battle it out against CCGS OBA across four winter sporting disciplines. Spectacular OSC Jerseys have been commissioned, and players are queuing up for them.

The day kicks off at 12:30pm at Scotch's Memorial Grounds, Wright Ave, Swanbourne, where the assembled Football, Rugby, Soccer and Hockey teams as they face off to see who will win the inaugural Presidents Cup!

With food trucks, coffee vans, supporter's tent and entertainment on hand, a great spectacle will unfold as age old rivals settle their differences on the field.

Please join us as spectators for this event and the "Afters" at The Claremont Yacht Club as we celebrate and toast the successful victors.

Michael Silbert OSC '79

President Old Scotch Collegians