18 June 2018

4R News

Before the holidays, the boys in 4R started tuning in to our new unit - Where We Are In Place and Time. We brainstormed what we thought the unit might be about, what concepts we might cover and what interested us about this topic. To provoke our thinking about the main concept of this unit, exploration, we headed up to the Middle School to explore the differences and similarities between it and our sub-school. The first week back from our holidays saw our inquiry move into the Finding Out stage. We completed a Nature Challenge where we had to locate twenty unique items and work collaboratively to create our own definition for the term 'exploration'. Our Middle School and Nature Challenge explorations gave us valuable insight into the different reasons for explorations. To understand these better, we created our own role-plays depicting why people explore and then categorised a series of famous explorer images into the main reasons: wealth, challenge, religion, adventure, trade, fame, science and land opportunities. We are looking forward to finding out about world explorers in the coming weeks and completing our own exploration at Bold Park later in the term!

Ms Liza Richardson

Year 2R Teacher