18 June 2018

Semester 2 - Consolidating and Showcasing Our Learning

Returning to school after the three-week break, it is great to hear the voices of the boys (and girls) fill the corridors again. Semester 2 will bring with it a raft of opportunities, as well as some challenges, for our more senior boys as they embark on their final examinations.

Whilst quiet, the College remained a busy place over the holidays with the establishment of a July revision programme, which was well attended by our senior boys. Nearly 300 individual subject registrations showed a great commitment to achieving a balance between relaxation and study over the extended holiday.

Multiple sessions were on offer from improving study skills or essay writing, revision sessions with teachers to prepare for examination, as well as Old Scotch Collegians returning to give tips to our students in Mathematics, English, Science and the Humanities.

Winter Term is relatively short with nine weeks until the October break. It is a crucial period of time for students across Years 1 to 12; a time to really develop and consolidate the knowledge gained in Semester 1 as well as prepare for the change into the year level above.

Two of the College's showcase events will occur during Winter Term with the Year 5 Exhibition on Wednesday 19 August and the Year 10 Personal Project Showcase on Friday 18 September. These two events culminate the 5 years of each the PYP and the MYP respectively and serve as excellent examples of the experiences that the boys have had whilst progressing through these phases of the International Baccalaureate Programmes.

I encourage all families, regardless of which year group your son is in, to attend these events in support of the boys and see the remarkable progress that each individual has made as they complete another aspect of their education.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning