18 June 2018

Art News

Principled students in Art

At the first Assembly this term, Mr Stewart spoke about encouraging boys to be PRINCIPLED students. Over this week, I have witnessed such behaviour on a number of occasions. During the Student Led Conference Week, classes had relief art lessons in their class. The Year 5 boys had paper machéd duck forms, in preparation for their upcoming PYP Exhibition. They were all left drying along the ledge at the end of the day, when Luca Muir Anderson asked me what would I like done with the ducks. Luca and Hugh Fellows-Smith then took the initiative to collect up all the ducks and return them safely to the Art Studio, showing caring, independent and principled behaviour.

Another Year 5 student had to deal with the disappointment and shock of discovering that his magnificent lighthouse sculpture was accidentally knocked over during an exhibition and was broken. The JS Art Technician took it on as a challenge and miraculously restored the model to (nearly) its former glory. Luca would have been understandably upset, as was the poor person who caused the accident. However, it has been a wonderful lesson in problem solving, dealing with disappointment and building resilience. Luca Datodi has shown he is a principled student through his positive actions.

Boys and their parents were very willing to share their time during the Student Led Conferences with either new boys and families or boys whose parents could not attend that day, showing principled behaviour.

Being principled students, boys enthusiastically shared their learning during the Student Led Conferences.

I hope you enjoyed "walking in your son's footsteps" for a morning or afternoon and you may understand why they come home pretty tired by the end of the day!

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts