18 June 2018

1G News

The Year 1G boys have blown back into Term 3 resulting in plenty of sunshine and rainbows around the room. The boys have been very busy participating in various science experiments about the weather, in particular the water cycle and how it works. All the elements associated with the water cycle are now being pronounced precisely with perennial precipitation. They have been using their inquiry skills to predict, observe and measure the daily weather with great accuracy. Watch out BOM!

The boys have been intrigued with the fact 'seasons on Earth are caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis'. They have discovered that Spring is showery and flowery. Summer is fun and full of sun. Autumn is breezy and sneezy. Winter is drippy and very very nippy.

The forecast for the rest of the term is 'Busy with a Chance of Clear Blue Skies'.

Mrs Kristen Gray

Year 1G Teacher