21 May 2018

3S News

This semester, the boys in 3S have been sharing their learning with our Practicum Teacher, Miss Watson. During this time we have studied the transdisciplinary theme 'Sharing the Planet'. Within this, we identified the difference between equal rights and equal opportunities and looked at topics such as gender equality and the UN Rights of a Child. Furthermore, our class examined how countries from around the world access resources and the types of lifestyles different people have. On Friday the assembly item we performed encompassed these ideas. Additionally, the boys have enjoyed some interactive and engaging mathematics lessons, exploring topics such as volume, capacity, mass, area and perimeter, money and fractions. Our highlights included a lesson where we participated in the game show 'The Price is Right' as well as managing our own bank accounts… with interest! We are excited about sharing the rest of our term with Miss Watson, where we will explore our next unit of inquiry about the various forms of art.

Mrs Larree Springall

Year 3S Teacher