21 May 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Jack Saggers

Jack is always polite and courteous of both students and teachers and he is always the first to offer support in my classes. Jack was involved in the Science week activities and was the only boy who stayed behind to help Mr Chamberlain clean up after the egg drop challenge.


Joshua Ziepe

Throughout the year, Joshua has proven himself to be a constantly hard working, engaged and motivated learner who excels independently and in group situations. He has shown himself to be a huge asset in many subject areas and thoroughly deserves to be commended for his ongoing commitment to learning.


Blake Costello

Blake is a real asset to our Middle School and in particular my 8C homeroom. He always strives to produce his best work and is a committed student to his studies. Blake has shown maturity and respect and is developing into a fine leader within our College.


Christopher Villafuerte

Christopher is a strong independent worker that strives to produce high quality work on a consistent basis. He takes great pride in everything that he does. His has fantastic artistic ability that is the envy of all the other boys in the class. Over the course of the year, Christopher has become more and more involved in classroom activities and is now a consistent contributor to all discussions and tasks during lessons.


Giacomo Leighton

Giacomo has demonstrated the qualities of being an inquirer and being balanced. Giacomo has worked enthusiastically and to the best of his ability this semester. He works well independently and can be relied upon to make good choices for his learning. Giacomo has been a balanced learner this year and successfully manages his intellectual, physical and emotional needs as he blends his school and family life. He's a delight to teach and have as part of the team in 7H.


Benjamin Sharrin

Benjamin has been a supportive, thoughtful and kind member of our class all year. His consistent approach to striving for his best is evident in all aspects of his school life. Benjamin epitomises the IB Learner Profiles we value at Scotch College.


Casey Lawrence

Casey is a dedicated and hardworking member of our community. He listens attentively and contributes positively in class discussions. Casey strives to do his best in all activities at Scotch College and is thoughtful and considerate of his peers.


Cooper Anderson

Cooper consistently models the values of respect, cooperation and integrity. Furthermore, he applies himself to his academic studies and sets an excellent standard for his peers to follow. Cooper is a fine young man.


Burke Carrington

For continued hard work in all subject areas - even when the going gets tough. Burke has a great 'can do' attitude and he always strives to do his best.


John Simpson

John approaches all his work in a diligent and motivated manner regardless if it is classwork or a major assessment. He is an active participant in his educational journey and his growth of knowledge and understanding is amazing. John is a very polite and respectful young man whose social graces will put him in great stead throughout life. He is a fine young man and a pleasure to teach.


Jaspar Mirmikidis

Jasper is an incredibly dedicated student who continues to strive to achieve his best. He is focused and involved in lessons, and has demonstrated incredible resilience and determination this year. Jasper has beautiful manners and is remarkably caring and empathetic. His is an important class member because of these qualities, and a delight to teach.


Dylan Palmer

Dylan's quiet, industrious approach to all learning serves as a role model for others. He has listened proactively to advice from his report and is working conscientiously to further improve the quality of his work. He is polite and friendly to teachers and students alike. Dylan can be very proud of the young man he is becoming.


Samuel Dyball

For always demonstrating exemplary behaviour both inside and outside of the classroom. Samuel is a responsible and reliable student who consistently displays a cooperative and respectful attitude.


Angus Bowden

For demonstrating the Learner Profile attributes of a Caring and Principled learner. Angus acts with integrity in his learning and in his interactions with others to make a positive difference in our classroom and our school.