18 June 2018

Head of Middle School

There is a great vibe around the College this week as we soak in and appreciate the achievement of a rare double: the winning of both the JPSSA and PSA Inter-School Athletics Shields. My congratulations to all the boys and their coaches who have spent hours on the track training for their events and achieved personal bests in their effort to represent their College.

Middle School Guinness World Record Attempt

This Thursday 17 September, Middle School with some help from hopefully 70+ parents and the Year 5 students will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the number of participants to successfully complete a Beep Test to Level 5. The old record is 575 although a recent attempt in June 2015 by the RAF Honington in Suffolk England recorded 589 successful participants. This latest attempt is still waiting to be ratified by GWR. We are aiming to have a minimum 625 participants in our attempt. The process for the attempt is likely to take about an hour with the actual running component only 6 minutes duration - 33 x 20m runs at increasing speed. The counting of participants into and out of the venue will be the time consuming aspect. It is important to note we are only allowed a 5% failure rate for the attempt meaning with 625 participants only 32 can fail before our attempt is null and void.

Alistair Watters(8.3O) set this challenge earlier this year as a means to raise money and awareness for two great organisations: Princess Margaret Hospital and The Samuel Morris Foundation. The GWR attempt takes place at 1:45pm on the soccer ovals, those closest to the lake.

Students are asked to wear their House shirts as this will help organisation immensely. Gold coin donations can be made throughout the week in the collection bucket at Middle School Reception. A global email on Wednesday will have final details and reminders. I hope you can be there to participate in or at least witness our record attempt.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School