18 June 2018

Head of Middle School

Welcome back to an exciting final term. The spring weather, a change in uniform and sports, some exciting Outdoor Education activity for our Year 6 and 7 students and Speech Night - a particularly important night for our Year 8 boys- only eight weeks away, have all contributed to an enthusiastic and energetic start to our final term.

Hanging in the entry corridors on the ground floor are the new Middle and Junior School House banners. The finished designs are a collaborative project that has run over the last three years. The new banners draw from the shape of the existing College crest and are in the shape of a shield with a St Andrews cross as a background. Student involvement in the design process began with a competition within Houses to determine an inspiring motto and a motivating symbol for each House. The banners have been made using an applique stitching process, that includes the translation of the Latin motto stitched into the body of the banner in an almost watermark manner. Individually and as a set they look beautiful and I am sure will inspire another level of pride and commitment during House events.

My congratulations to the six boys whose designs were chosen and the special part of College history they are now connected to:

Andrew House


Unity and Courage

Zavier McGillivray

Bruce House


Commitment and Endurance

Finn Lawson

David House


Together and Fearless

Leo Bowles

Gordon House


Confidence & Cooperation

Matthew Kerfoot

James House


We try our best to succeed

Darcy Saggers

Robert House


Together we stand strong

Henry Townes

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School