15 October 2018

7W Focuses on the Global Water Crisis

In iLearn our inquiry focus was the Global Water Crisis. The Inquiry drew together scientific information gathered by the boys through various investigations as well as humanities concepts. Their learning encouraged them to think about the massive 1.2 billion people without potable water. Boys were challenged to find or develop an idea that could help people in developing nations obtain clean water, cheaply. One challenge helped the boys discover that purifying mixtures or solutions was more difficult that it first seemed. They could hardly imagine the implications of this for people in developing nations.

Their enthusiasm was initially quite low, after all it was an assessment task. Once they started their research however, they were keen to find out what would help. Research provided the impetus for the ideas to grow as boys developed their knowledge about various strategies available like the Warka Water Tower, an Italian engineer's idea, to an idea developed by one group in 7W, the Solar Water Dome.

It was rewarding to watch the boys think of others and try to work out how to help. I am really proud of their efforts.

Ms Vicki Ward

Teacher 7W