26 November 2018


Bonjour everyone! The Year 2's have been working on the topic "Around the town" and are now pretty good at naming various buildings and locations on our little map. They are beginning to learn their prepositions and can tell you which buildings are next to, or opposite each other in French. To increase their vocabulary, students also made small paper versions of 4 family members and then worked in pairs to place their 'mère, père, frère et soeur' around the town for each other. In fact, all of our classes have been revising their family vocabulary at different times, so for this week's extra activity, I am including a family game for you to play with your son at home. It is called "Who is Missing?" It is a quick and fun game to play before or after dinner at the table, and will help the boys to remember their family vocabulary. You can find the game and instructions on the weekly notices. Enjoy! Au revoir.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist