15 October 2018

Physical Education News

The Junior School boys have jumped right back into Physical Education this term and are enjoying their time in the pool as they continue to work on improving their swimming. The Year 1 and 2 boys are especially excited as they begin preparation and practice for their Aqua Fun Day, which is to be held at the Scotch Pool on Tuesday 1 December 2015. The Year 1 and 2 boys have taken to the water with enthusiasm and we are all looking forward to experiencing this exciting day at the end of Spring Term. The Year 4 students have been working on their basketball skills the past few weeks in anticipation of their carnival against Hale and Christ Church that was held at the WA Basketball Centre on Thursday 29 October. This was a great success and the last Year 4 carnival for the year. These students have the full fixtures against the other PSA schools to look forward to in Year 5 next year.

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education