26 November 2018

1P News

Extending on from the wonderful opening of the adventure Pirate playground, the Year 1 boys took a trip into nature around Lake Claremont last week. The focus of the walk was to observe something in nature that linked to our current Unit of Inquiry - 'Sharing the Planet'. We pondered wondering questions such as: Who shares the lake and why? Where do the ducks lay their eggs and who is their primary predator? What would happen if an element such as water were missing from an animal's lifecycle?

Back in the classroom, the boys were able to utilise their observations and wondering questions to formulate their own lifecycles and this led to food chains and food webs. The trip to the lake inspired the boys to think carefully about the world around them, and to think deeply about how the actions of humans can impact the natural world in profound and sometimes devastating ways.

Mrs Sue Phillips

Year 1P Teacher