18 June 2018


University Information

Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University is still accepting applications for Semester 1, 2016. Applications can be made directly to the university and do not incur an application or late fee. Please contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533 to make an appointment for a campus tour, to receive course and application advice or to be sent an application pack. Application forms are also available from Mr Frusher at Scotch.

Notre Dame also offers alternative entry programmes to undergraduate studies at Notre Dame. These courses are available to students who did not reach the minimum entrance score for university in their ATAR and also to students who completed Year 12 but did not undertake ATAR subjects.

Foundation Year

A one-year bridging course that builds the confidence and skills required to successfully undertake university study.

Notre Dame Tertiary Enabling Programme

A full-time, thirteen week (one semester) alternative entry programme that is available each semester.

For further information contact Notre Dame University.

University of Western Australia

UWA would like to inform parents and students some very interesting public lectures being presented at UWA. For more information go to http://www.ias.uwa.edu.au/lectures

Year 12 WACE Examinations

Sickness/Misadventure Application

Before completing a Sickness/Misadventure Application form please read the following information carefully:

  • Has your performance in a WACE examination been affected by a temporary sickness, non-permanent disability or unforeseen misadventure suffered immediately before or during the examination period? (For Physical Education Studies and Dance practical candidates this includes a severe injury sustained after the start of Winter Term, but still existing during the practical examinations.)
  • Were you prevented from attending an examination due to sickness and/or misadventure?
  • If you answered YES to either, or both, of these questions then you should complete this form. The circumstances must have been beyond your usual control. A claim cannot be made for courses entered as a private candidate.

If your difficulties in sitting the WACE examination are the result of any of the reasons listed below, then your circumstances fall outside the Authority's policy and guidelines for sickness/misadventure.

  • Difficulties in preparation or loss of preparation time - for example, as a result of sickness during Year 12 unless in the two weeks prior to your first written examination
  • Alleged deficiencies in tuition
  • Long-term illness such as asthma and epilepsy - unless you have suffered an acute episode of your illness during the examination period
  • The same grounds for which you received special examination provision - unless you experienced additional difficulties during an examination session
  • Misreading the examination timetable
  • Misreading examination instructions
  • Events related to your school assessment in a course
  • Attendance at a sporting or cultural event during a written examination.

Refer to the on-line Year 12 Information Handbook 2015 for further details.

If the application is accepted then the procedure is for the Authority to calculate an examination mark using your school assessment as a basis. The higher of the actual examination mark and the calculated examination mark becomes the examination mark that is given to you for that examination.

See Mr Frusher at Scotch for Sickness/Misadventure forms and any additional information required.

Revision & Head Start Courses 2016

Academic Task Force

Start 2016 with Confidence

Enrol today in Academic Task Force

January School Headstart Programme and achieve success in 2016

ATAR HEADSTART for Years 11 and 12

HEADSTART for Years 7 - 10

Syllabus overview - confidence building - refresh your understanding - study skills - essay writing

2 day courses / 6 hours per course

14 January - 29 January 2016

Venues: Churchlands SHS and Rossmoyne SHS

Enrol Today: www.academictaskforce.com.au

Email: learn@academictaskforce.com.au

Speak to an education consultant: (08) 9314 9500

January Preparation and Revision Programme 2016

The January Preparation and Revision Programme commences Monday 18 to Saturday 23 January. It includes:

Middle School Revision and Skills Development Programme

  • For students in Years 7 to 10
  • 6 hours of teaching per subject
  • NAPLAN Preparation
  • Study Skills
  • Subject Revision
  • Two Campuses
    • Christ Church Grammar School (Claremont)
    • Hale School (Wembley Downs)

WACE and ATAR Preparation and Revision Programme

Please see attached copies of the brochures so that you can view the schedules.