21 May 2018

Increasing Vocational Education & Training opportunities through Food Technology

With Food Science & Technology taught by Ms Katie Frampton already an appetizing option for the boys of the Middle School, it is fantastic to see the return of the subject to the Senior School Curriculum. Since the beginning of term, Mrs Karen Bridle has begun delivery of the WACE General course to sixteen Year 12 boys using the outstanding purpose built kitchen facilities in the Middle School.

The significance of this curriculum development is not to be understated. Students will have the opportunity to experience firsthand what a career within the food services industry could look like by engaging with professional chefs and completing industry qualifications such as a barista course. It is a priority of the College to ensure that our VET students are well supported with an increasing range of subject choices that are flexible, relevant and catering for the demands of the careers, which the boys aspire to.

Also of importance is the location of the class; our Year 12 students will be learning their skills within the Middle School, which provides a fantastic opportunity for the senior boys to work in a common space with the Middle School students. With a focus on strengthening the 1-12 connection between the boys it will be great to see the Middle and Senior School boys sharing their educational experiences as they prepare dishes such as Thai chicken lettuce cups and beef and broccolini stir fry.

Additionally, in a recent initiative Ms Frampton used her knowledge of the subject to engage staff in a Urumaki Teriyaki Sushi as part of a professional development activity aimed to demonstrate the teaching and learning strategies used within a different classroom setting. The result was outstanding educational practice, delicious food and a collaborative activity for the staff involved.

It is hoped that following the initial response from the Senior School boys there will be an opportunity to expand the offering of Food Science & Technology in the future.

Mr Pete Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning