18 June 2018

News from 8K

Miss Kotai and the boys in 8K are very happy to welcome Harry Rand and Bradley Lawrence into our class, who are exchange students from Scotch Oakburn, in Launceston, Tasmania. Exchange hosts - Liam Peters-Smith and William Smith-Gander, have been doing an excellent job of introducing the boys to their peers, teachers, Heads of Middle School and other Scotch personnel. The partnership with Scotch Oakburn College is a Round Square initiative and it is the only Tasmanian school to be a member of the Round Square association of international schools. The boys are a wonderful addition to our class and have settled in well. We look forward to hearing more about the boys and the similarities and differences between the two colleges.

L - R: Scotch Perth: William Smith Gander, Scotch Oakburn: Bradley Lawrence, Scotch Perth: Liam Peters-Smith, Scotch Oakburn: Harry Rand

After having completed a comprehensive analysis of the play Compass by Jessica Bellamy, the boys in 8K will be embarking on a new creative project in English. This will involve creating an original script and survival guide on 'How to survive Middle School' - imparting some words of wisdom for the upcoming students moving into Year 8. We are looking forward to working together to write, direct and perform these original pieces of drama.

Miss Gabrielle Kotai

Teacher 8K