18 June 2018

Middle School Christmas Appeal

Throughout Spring Term Middle School will be taking part in the Uniting Church Syrian Refugee Appeal. In each Homeroom class, boys will be divided into groups of four. Each boy is responsible for getting one of the items numbered below:

1. An item of clothing e.g. Hat, socks, underwear.

2. Stationary or something for school e.g. Simple to read English book

3. Some small toy (not old, broken or damaged)

4. Something for health e.g. Toothbrush and paste, comb and brush. (something that will not leak!)

Each group will require just 1 shoebox that they fill with the 4 items. Groups can put in additional items if they wish. The Community and Service Club will provide the wrapping paper once the boxes are filled.

In addition Middle School will also be taking part in the Uniting Church West Christmas Appeal. Students are also asked to bring 1 item of non-perishable food for the needy of Western Australia this Christmas.

We appreciate your generous support with our Christmas Appeals.

Mr Peter Tresise

Middle School Community & Service